Northern Beaches Couples Counselling.

Find Peace In Your Relationship Again.

Eventually, fights in the kitchen go round in circles, you don’t feel heard, and you’re getting nowhere. One of you has mentioned couples counselling, and now you’re here. I’m glad you found me. As an experienced counsellor, I work with couples to who want to feel less angry, get their point across and figure out how to stop their partner from bring issues up again and again. Together we can work on healing from the past and deciding together, how to move forward without resentment and anger.  

Communication Conflicts| Infidelity | Parenting + Co Parenting Disagreements | Financial Stress | In-Law Tension | Boundaries | Closure 

Take a breath and book your first session.

I’m Amanda Westphal,

an experienced and registered counsellor.


I work with couples with issues in a range of areas. I’m easy to relate to, and will help you find some peace in a casual and safe environment.

  Learn effective language and techniques so you’re heard, every time. 

Discuss sensitive topics like infidelity with a trained supportive counsellor.

Learn how to fight properly, so you can have disagreements that don’t repeat. 

So you can be happy and let go of resentment.


Phone Consult 

This 15 minute chat is designed for you, to talk with me if you’d like to discuss anything before you get started. 

Counselling Session

An 80 minute couples session for you both to start working towards happiness and your relationship goals. 

Restart Package

Four sessions of counselling to get your relationship back on track. This pre-paid package gives you a 10% discount.


I just wish to say thank you for everything you have been helping me with over the past year. I truly feel you have been the inspiration to assist me to shine.

Female, 26

We have truly loved our experience with you and you have taught us so much not only about us as a couple but ourselves personally also. 

Thank you again, you are one in a million and we will both be forever grateful we found you. 

Couples Counselling Clients, November 2020.

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