Tips On Surviving Christmas

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It’s not surprising that the holiday season is the busiest time for counsellors. 🌲🎁⠀It’s the season for excessive shortbread eating, budgets, long shopping lines, gingerbread candles burning and Mariah Carey on repeat but…… ⠀

It’s also the season for;⠀
🎄 Relaxing your boundaries with family, and regretting it⠀
🌲 Feeling anxious over your overwhelming to do list⠀
🌲 Worrying about being judged ⠀
🌲 Likelihood of extended family nagging⠀
🎄 Reappearing grief for absent friends, family, and partners ⠀

Sometimes the silly season can be totally overwhelming and often our anxiety can flare up, so here are some tips to help you get through the festive season 😁⠀Here are some tips on having a gentle Christmas this year.

1. Set a Budget ⠀
During the holiday season it can be hard to sometimes stop spending money as often we can put obligatory guilt on ourselves to spend a certain amount. 💰 ⠀

What’s important this holiday season is to set yourself a budget. 🤔 You can do this by either writing down all the people you have to buy for and then allocating an amount of money to spend on them, or looking at the total amount you have to use and then working out the per person expenditure from there. ⠀

2. Keep it Simple ⠀
Whilst Christmas spirit is in the air, sometimes we can go a little cray cray on the decorations, spending money, food and committing to too many things that we’re never going to attend just to fill up our social calendar. 😓 Keep it simple this December. Don’t overbook yourself, think of it as another month and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 🎄It’s OK to say no.

3. Be Kind To Yourself⠀
Whether it be listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album, having a sip of eggnog or even baking some gingerbread in this silly season make your mental health a priority. 😀

4. Walk Away ⠀
If you find you’re being triggered, pushed too far or just getting frustrated – it’s OK to walk away. A few deep breaths outside, a little walk, or even excusing yourself and leaving entirely are all OK. Keep yourself happy and safe. 😀

And just a reminder that I’m open December and early January if you find you need some extra support.

Merry Christmas + Take Care.

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