It looks like you’re a People Pleaser.

What does this mean?

You may feel like you’re constantly putting other people before yourself. Your lack of boundaries and low self-worth mean you never prioritise what YOU want or need. Did you know, this kind of behaviour can have a big impact on so many areas of your life? It can affect your work, relationships, social life and even sleep.

What does it look like?

Things probably feel hard and a lot of the time you feel flat…and you’re not sure why. It doesn’t make sense. You’re trying to be a good friend by saying yes to all the things. Even if you don’t feel like it. You’re the kind of person who goes anyway because you said you would. Except later, you’ll probably feel angry at yourself for not saying no.

You feel pulled in so many directions that even no-brainer decisions have become tricky. Who knew choosing cereal or shampoo in the supermarket aisle could feel impossible? You may even resort to blaming those around you. Everything’s your partner’s fault or your mother-in-law’s and you can’t get a break.

What can I do?

It’s time to make some positive shifts and establish new patterns.

It’s important for you to start speaking honestly with those in your world. This is how you can begin to establish genuine, authentic relationships and connections with others.

Take the first steps towards creating the life you deserve.

Quick tip

Start with some easy decisions to practise making your own choices. Tea or coffee? Sushi or a sandwich? Then build up from there – go out or stay in, go for a walk or hit the gym, watch Netflix or read a book. Don’t overthink it, just go with your gut instinct and stick with it.

You might also find a relaxed chat with a counsellor useful. Grab a cuppa, take a breath and book your first FREE online session.


When I originally met Amanda I did not expect to embark on such a journey. Over the past two years I have learned so much more about myself, set boundaries in my life I didn’t even know I could set and she also helped me view the world from a much healthier perspective.

Female, 26

Amanda is fantastic. She has a beautiful approach to help me cut through what is in my head to find the simple truths that can otherwise be hard to see. Over multiple appointments, she has taken me on a journey to understand myself much more deeply and empowered my self worth.

Female, 24

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