It looks like you’re an Overthinker.

What does this mean?

Based on your responses, it sounds like you need some stronger boundaries in your day to day life. You’re probably aware of the need for boundaries, especially when it comes to your time and energy. But you’re not doing so great when it comes to following through.

Have you ever said ‘no’ in your head but then done something anyway? Taken a job you didn’t want/salary you weren’t happy with/hung out with a toxic friend? Done things because you thought you ‘should’? Gosh, you’re not alone there.

Sound familiar? It might be happening because you’re lacking a strong self of your self worth. In other words, you can be nasty to yourself with negative self-talk. Punishing yourself over and over again and saying yes when you’d rather say no is a major energy sucker.

What does it look like?

You say ‘I probably should’ a lot. You tend to be overly concerned with how others will respond. ‘If I don’t do this/say this/wear this, what will they think?’

You’re an over-thinker and, frankly, it’s exhausting. You’re tired and you feel stuck in your own head so much of the time. It’s like there’s a sort of disconnect between your head and heart. A tension between what you really want to do and say VS the way you think you should respond. 

You know you need better boundaries. But honestly? You’re not sure how to put them in place. Where do you even start?

What can I do?

You need some support to shift your perception of who you think and feel you are.

You need the chance to develop new beliefs and productive behaviours to enhance your emotional wellbeing and life skills.

Quick tip

Start by practising getting comfortable saying ‘no’. Next time you say no, then get tempted to change your mind, pause and take 10 deep breaths first. Spend these breaths reflecting on ‘why’ you put the boundary in place and make a promise to yourself to keep it.

You might also find a relaxed chat with a counsellor useful. Grab a cuppa, take a breath and book your first FREE online session.


When I originally met Amanda I did not expect to embark on such a journey. Over the past two years I have learned so much more about myself, set boundaries in my life I didn’t even know I could set and she also helped me view the world from a much healthier perspective.

Female, 26

Amanda is fantastic. She has a beautiful approach to help me cut through what is in my head to find the simple truths that can otherwise be hard to see. Over multiple appointments, she has taken me on a journey to understand myself much more deeply and empowered my self worth.

Female, 24

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