Northern Beaches Walk & Talk Counselling

Movement Therapy To Boost Your Self Care

Many of the women I work with are stretched too thin, have no time for themselves, and are beyond exhausted. By giving every piece of energy they have to other people, they’re left depleted of endorphins and haven’t got a healthy routine for themselves.

This inspired me to start walk + talk therapy sessions. We can talk about what’s going on for you, whilst benefiting from exercise, and the calming rhythm of the ocean.

For the busy Mum who enjoys the sun on her face. Walk & Talk counselling sessions are held at Narrabeen Beach and Narrabeen Lake. With our feet in the sand, we can walk at a pace that suits you (or even sit if that’s what you prefer). 

Available Saturday Mornings Only. 

I’m Amanda Westphal,

an experienced and registered counsellor.


Walk and Talk therapy allows your nervous system to unwind quickly, so you’ll feel a little less stuck as we start talking about what’s going on for you. These sessions are designed to support healthier lifestyle habits, plus you love efficiency, right?! Imagine how great will it feel to tick therapy, and exercise from your to do list at the same time!


Sessions will be tailored to your level of fitness, whether you feel like a power walk or a stroll. 



I just wish to say thank you for everything you have been helping me with over the past year. I truly feel you have been the inspiration to assist me to shine.

Female, 26

We have truly loved our experience with you and you have taught us so much not only about us as a couple but ourselves personally also. 

Thank you again, you are one in a million and we will both be forever grateful we found you. 

Couples Counselling Clients, November 2020.

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