Northern Beaches Mother’s Group Venues

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Mother’s Group is one of the most glorious things about becoming a new Mum. However, organising a group of sleep deprived women, all with a baby, pram, three bags, and boobs flying everywhere, is not.

To make life with bugs a little easier for you, here’s a list of venues that love and welcome mothers groups.

The Newport, Newport

PROS // These guys open early for a coffee, there’s an undercover area, plus stunning water views. Before our babies were crawling, we’d put them on the little grass patch at the top of the hill while we sipped our hot coffees. Plus, there’s plenty of space for prams!

CONS // They don’t do breakfast, so it’s really just a coffee catchup. You can only squeeze into the Newport in the morning as the afternoon is hectic for parking and tables.

Dee Why Beach

PROS // The grassy area overlooking Dee Why beach is beautiful for mothers groups. It has the view of the water, but not the mess of the sand (because you have enough washing to do).

CONS // You’ll have to get your own coffee + food on the way. Girdlers has the best coffee but no pram access. The other option is The Beach Shed just down the ramp and near the pools. Obviously not for when it rains.

Harbord Diggers, Freshwater

PROS // Their new renovation is breath-taking. This is #1 for Mother’s Group on rainy and sunny days! There’s lovely long tables for lots of Mama’s, parking is undercover and plentiful and areas to put rolling babies on pretty towels.

CONS // With only one place to order coffee, and a big venue, it can get busy and no-one like to line up for 20 minutes. Maybe get there a few minutes early if you can.

Dee Why RSL, Dee Why

PROS // There is plenty of parking, space to put babies on the ground to play and no eye rolls from staff when you rock in with twelve prams. It’s also really easy to find if anyone hasn’t been there before, great for baby brain.

CONS // The coffee isn’t always amazing, and it feels like an RSL club. Know what I mean? …

Pasadena, Church Point

PROS // Everything. After recently re-opening, this is still a little secret. I can’t believe the place isn’t heaving with people. There’s plenty of parking and space for prams. The water view feels like a holiday, and the decor is spotted with hot pink. LOVE. You can pop the babies on the floor inside or out. The coffee is five star. If you stick around, they serve sparkling wine in a can.

CONS // The coffee van has limited menu, but the B&E’s are yum. Then again, what more do you need.

I’ll keep adding to this list as I get some more feedback from you. Where would you recommend?

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