Time for a change?

Empowering overwhelmed women to reclaim their inner peace, ditch anxiety, and elevate their self-worth through counselling that transforms lives.

Change-making therapy to feel like yourself again. 

When you’re tired of pushing though, and feeling like you’re going to break. l’ll work with you to get in control again.

When exhaustion and the weight of responsibilities become overwhelming, I’m here to support women in regaining control. Together, we’ll explore the underlying causes of stress and anxiety, crafting strategies to overcome these challenges. Let go of constant pressure and embrace a renewed sense of balance and confidence. Rediscover the joy of life and reconnect with your empowered self. It’s time to thrive and embrace your strength as a woman.

Client Testimonials

Amanda has literally changed my life and my way of coping. She provides amazing simple-to-use strategies that I can implement when I’m feeling overwhelmed. She is warm, reassuring, and accepting. I am so lucky to have found her

I came to Amanda feeling anxious and overwhelmed. She gave me the tools to understand my anxiety, to stop thinking of it as something that was wrong with me, and to go deeper and feel better again. Her kind and objective manner has been exactly what I needed

I’m Amanda Westphal,

an experienced and registered counsellor.


I’ve spent years counselling women and mentoring children, working with musicians, and handing out coffees to the homeless on Sydney streets, so I’ve seen and heard it all. I’ve helped countless other women similar to you both in person and via my online sessions.

I’m also a Mum of two young boys and a wife of ten years. I’m juggling self care, my incredible business, an energetic Dalmatian, and my family. 

Your Wellness Focus is my Northern Beaches counselling practice helping women like you navigate relationships and life transitions, find freedom from anxiety and self-doubt, and uncover the confidence I know is there (but you might not, yet).

You can settle into my couch, or if you’re looking for online therapy in Australia, you can get a cuppa and relax into yours! 


Specialising in counselling women who feel:

Online Therapy Australia

like they’re being a yelling Mum

Online Therapy Australia

unsure about your marriage and want to talk it out and get some clarity 

Online Therapy Australia

concerned about how you handle your relationships

Online Therapy Australia

your boundaries are being pushed (and you’re tired of letting them)

Online Therapy Australia

worthlessness and self-doubt


Online Therapy Australia

as if you have no idea what your purpose is (or who you really are!)

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stress, depression, or sadness

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or ready to put old family issues to rest

Plus our sessions are designed to suit you. Let’s talk in my beautiful garden practice, or an online therapy session from wherever you are.

Most clients say that they felt a sense of relief just from booking in for their first session. That’s because it’s a tangible step in the right direction. 

Want to feel that way too?

Welcome to the Practice Pod,  our garden sanctuary.

Your Wellness Focus is a quiet space in the bottom of a tropical garden. As we sit in the beautiful space we’ll hear cicada’s, kookaburra’s, and sometimes be interrupted by a dragonfly. The location is on the outskirts of the Garigal national park, and there’s plenty of birds and garden to help you feel relaxed.

Being located in a residential street, means your privacy and safety are a priority, plus there’s always easy parking.    



75% of my clients in 2022 rate their sessions as 'extremely helpful'

And the remaining 25% rated their session as ‘very helpful’

What can we work on (together)?


A counselling session you can fit in before you pick up the kids?

Yep. It’s way more satisfying than that leftover pizza.
OK, leftover pizza is actually pretty good, but why not enjoy a slice of Supreme alongside
the knowledge that you’re actively working towards detangling your brain trickery? 

If you’re looking for counselling on the Northern Beaches with a woman that gets it, you’re in the right place.

Want to understand a little more about yourself? 

Take a browse through my support articles.

Client Testimonials

I needed help but I didn’t know what that looked like. Amanda showed me what I needed and gave me the tools to help myself

Amanda is fantastic. She has a beautiful approach to help me cut through what is in my head to find the simple truths that can otherwise be hard to see. Over multiple appointments, she has taken me on a journey to understand myself much more deeply and empowered my self worth.

I came to Amanda feeling anxious and overwhelmed. She gave me the tools to understand my anxiety, to stop thinking of it as something that was wrong with me, and to go deeper and feel better again. Her kind and objective manner has been exactly what I needed

When I first began seeing Amanda, she helped me see through my insecurities, empowering my self worth. Throughout our journey she continues to support me through personal and professional challenges in life as I continue to grow, forever helping me be the best version of myself