Habit Hacking For A Happier Everyday

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Our daily life can be mundane, cause stress, anxiety, and make us crave for our measly two weeks annual leave. I want to talk with you about habit hacking for  happier everyday. About injecting your life with happiness, and making self care part of your everyday. Let’s Go! …

What are three things that make you smile?


What we’re going to do here is list three things that we fantasise about, dream about, or remember that we enjoy – and hack them to enjoy them every day. YES! Instead of something you do once a year, let’s enjoy it every single day.

Here’s Three Of Mine…

  1. Having a few hours at a day spa is heaven for me. It’s an annual treat for myself and I always feel pampered and happy.
  2. Mornings on holidays. They are always so relaxing.
  3. A new outfit.

You can even write down things that are dreams and aspirations. For me, it’s flying first class.

Let’s add that as an extra.

4. Flying first class.


This is the fun part. Let’s hack your dreams and goals into your everyday life.

  1. Use the same products they do at the day spa, whether it’s a day cream in the morning that smells like heaven – or a hand cream on your bedside table.
  2. Mornings on holidays are so easy to hack into your life. On my honeymoon in Bali, the sheets were delicious! They were so thick and soft, I loved lazy mornings lying on those sheets. While, I can’t relax in bed for hours anymore (My two year old screams ‘AWAKE’ at 5am until I let him out of his room), I can have the sheets! I asked the concierge who their sheet supplier was, and got in a cab. Not only did I buy the sheets, but the hotel robe and those blue and white pool towels. At least we have holiday linen, even if I can’t always be on holidays.
  3. Buying a new outfit really makes me feel pulled together. Thinking about this, I realised that I only wear nice clothes when I’m out of the house, and with two very little babies, somedays I don’t leave the house! So I habit hacked this with a garbage bag. I threw out or donated all my clothes that didn’t make me smile. Into the bag were all the old, pilled and faded ‘house clothes’. I then went and got some matching tracksuits, and lovely casual clothes at Kmart. Now, when I am lounging at home, I can at least feel good about myself.

Now, remember that I added in flying first class? This has long been a dream of mine. I imagine that I’m going to dress very smartly, in my fanciest wedges and swan to the front of the plane. There will be a glass of champagne on arrival, and regardless of where we’re flying to – I am determined not to sleep! That way, I can savour every last minute of the experience.

Right now, I have a cattle class budget. However, I have injected a little first class in my day. I bought the same plate brand and style that Qantas uses in first class. They’re lovely bone china white plates, with a little lip on the outside and I think they are simply the best. They make me smile, and that’s what it’s all about.


Added bonuses!

+ Eat more Serotonin!  You can boost your body’s happy hormones with food like eggs, cheese, salmon and nuts.

+ Minimise decision fatigue, have the same breakfast every day.

+ Talk. Have a friend you can talk with anything about, see a counsellor, engage with a positive Facebook group.

This is self-care! This is essential to being a happy and healthy Mama.

How have you happy hacked your habits?

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