Do I Need A Counsellor Near Me or Can I Do It Online?

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How Do I Do Online Therapy? 

The first step for most people when they’re looking for help is to Google, Counsellor Near Me. This traditional approach is to book an appointment and go see a qualified therapist at their office. Now, the advent of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers has given rise to another option in seeking improvement in mental health – online therapy.

At Your Wellness Focus, we use Zoom or Facetime for online counselling. It’s exactly the same as regular counselling except you’re on your couch, rather than the one in the office. This can work well for those that have a busy schedule, are travelling overseas, or even those that have anxiety leaving the house. 

Online therapy can be a pat of your therapy. If you’re having regular appointments in the office and your schedule changes or you’re going on holiday, you can swap your face to face appointments for a few online. Or you can start with online therapy and then eventually come and do them face to face if you like. That’s the beauty of it, you choose what works for you. 

What is online therapy?

Online therapy is any therapy obtained through digital means. During online therapy, patients follow a structured program prescribed by a therapist and they can opt to work their way through it by themselves with constant support and regular check-ins with their therapist or counsellor. Other forms of online therapy involves working with a therapist or counsellor regularly via video calls or chat, just like you would the traditional way, but this time using web apps (video conferencing software, messaging apps, etc.) and the internet.

Should I find a counsellor near me?

For the rest of the us who don’t have access to online resources or are: decidedly not techie, too young to use the internet, too old for the internet, don’t have access to the internet, etc. there is the traditional option of finding a “counsellor near me”. While online therapy is much more convenient, patients who are nervous with online communication will find that face to face interaction will always be better. There is less danger of misinterpretation which is likely to happen with just typed out words in chats or email exchanges. Therapists or counsellors can get a better sense of the issues a patient is dealing with during face to face sessions. 

A quick search for “counsellor near me” should show patients a list of available counsellors nearby. Or they can ask friends or family for suggestions for “counsellors near me” and seek those who come highly recommended. Individuals who put prime importance in building relationships with face to face connections should explore the traditional option.

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