From Chaos To Calm

The online program empowering overwhelmed women who aren’t ready for counselling but who want to swap jaw-clenching for balance and peace.

Are you stressed and feeling like a hot mess?  

Unsure of where to start to regain control? 

This course is for you. It’s completely self-paced.
There’s no time limit.
You have access to the six modules anytime.

As a counsellor, I know that it can be hard to struggle with your identity after kids, the overwhelm and anxiety, and balance to get it all right. It can be a tough battle to fight alone, and I am committed to helping you every step of the way.

This comprehensive 6-week course will give you the tools and support you need to overcome your anxiety and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

With the Chaos To Calm Online Program, you’ll get access to in-depth modules that cover topics like identifying triggers, managing negative thoughts, setting boundaries, and cultivating self-care practices. You’ll also receive personalised support and guidance from me as your counsellor throughout the course.


What’s the nitty-gritty of the course? 

six specialised modules to walk you through a complete transformation

learn about what exactly anxiety is (i promise you’ve never looked at it like this before) 

hundreds of ideas, resources and support to build a self-care routine you love

identify and understand your boundaries  (and how they’re affecting  your anxiety)

quick hacks to stop panic attacks, bring your anxiety down, and feel in control of your body

proven strategies to build your self worth to limit social anxiety and over-thinking

learn new thought patterns to stop spiralling, obsessing and having so much in your head all the time

hundreds of pages of journals, workbooks and planners to make it easy to meet your own needs again without overwhelm

Let’s work together to silence those worrying thoughts, say goodbye to yelling and pushing through… start living a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

This program is for women not ready for counselling yet

but who want to feel like themselves again 

Chaos to Calm: Empowering Overwhelmed Women to Find Balance and Peace Online Program, helps women swap relentless anxiety, white-knuckling life and a swirling mind for sanity peace and finally feeling like themselves again so they can stop pretending everything’s fine, ditch the ‘i’ll tough it out’ mentality and get the no-shame help they need to sort themselves out – for themselves, and for their loved ones.

The Chaos To  Calm Online Program Modules

Module 1: Finding Inner You and Getting The Foundations Right
In this module, you’ll learn how to process and move on from overwhelming emotions. Discover the power of daily mantras for self-compassion and taking breaks. Dive into self-discovery to identify what’s holding you back. Explore specific self-care practices to soothe yourself on difficult days. Join us in Module 1 and embark on a transformative journey towards finding inner peace. Let’s start this empowering chapter together!
Module 2: Curate Your Content and Start Self Compassion
Welcome to Module 2: In this week we will curate your content and revitalize your social feed! Join us in nurturing your soul, addressing social anxiety with strategies that work, plus letting go, and cultivating self-compassion. There’s also a deep lesson on being real about your life and what’s not working for you. It’s learning how to let go of things, people, and places that aren’t serving us
Plus how to treat yourself likee your bestie would.
Module 3: Empowering Communication and Healthy Boundaries!

In this module, we’ll explore the power of reframing your language and letting go of unnecessary apologies for things beyond your control. It’s time to embrace self-compassion and assertiveness.

We’ll tackle the emotional hangovers that can linger after challenging experiences. Together, we’ll develop effective strategies to handle and overcome these emotional burdens, allowing you to navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience.

Saying “no” can be a transformative act of self-care. In this module, you’ll find a starter pack of practical tools and support to establish healthier boundaries. Empower yourself to prioritize your well-being and create space for what truly matters.

Module 4: Embracing Feelings, Meditation, and Panic Relief!

In this module, we’ll uncover the true nature of feelings and how they can guide you in determining your next steps. Embrace the wisdom within your emotions and harness their power for clarity and decision-making.

Meditation is a transformative practice, and we’ll guide you on how to do it properly, just like the Dalai Lama. Discover effective techniques that go beyond your previous attempts, allowing you to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness.

Panic attacks can be overwhelming, but fear not! We’ll introduce you to the five senses protocol—a powerful tool for shutting down panic attacks immediately. Empower yourself with practical strategies to regain control and find calm amidst the storm.

Empowering Self-Talk, Trigger Identification, and Fearless Confidence!

In this module, we’ll delve into the foolproof and scientifically proven method to halt negative self-talk. Discover effective strategies to reframe your inner dialogue and cultivate a more positive and empowering mindset.

Triggers can have a profound impact on our well-being. Together, we’ll identify your triggers, offering you the opportunity to heal and find respite from their effects. Gain insights into your triggers and equip yourself with tools for self-care and growth.

Fear and self-doubt can hold us back from reaching our full potential. But fear not! In this module, you’ll learn a powerful strategy to embrace bravery and challenge self-doubt head-on. Empower yourself to step outside your comfort zone and unlock newfound confidence.

Join us in Module 5 as we unlock the secrets to positive self-talk, identify and heal triggers, and embrace fearlessness.

Module 6: Connecting with Core Beliefs, Exploring Curiosity, and Embracing Deservingness

In this final module, we’ll focus on the essence of your core beliefs. Take a moment to connect deeply with your innermost convictions and values, gaining clarity on what truly matters to you.

Curiosity is a powerful tool for personal growth. Together, we’ll delve into the origins of your core beliefs, examining their roots and understanding how they shape your perspective. By embracing curiosity, you’ll gain the freedom to choose beliefs that align with your authentic self.

It’s time to recognize and embrace what you truly deserve. In this module, you’ll source your innermost desires and beliefs about what you are truly worthy of. Through self-discovery and introspection, you’ll develop a genuine belief in your own deservingness.

Join us in Module 6 as we delve into core beliefs, explore curiosity, and cultivate a deep sense of deservingness.


In this comprehensive program, I offer heaps of empowering worksheets and journals designed to support your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Each resource is carefully crafted to help you cultivate self-love, gain clarity on your core values, set beautiful boundaries, overcome negative self-talk, and prioritize self-care.

The “Falling In Love With Myself Again Journal” will guide you on a transformative path of self-exploration, fostering self-acceptance, and reigniting your love for yourself.

Discover your true essence with the “Core Values Clarity Worksheet,” helping you gain insight into what truly matters to you and aligning your life with your authentic values.

Embrace healthy boundaries with the “Beautiful Boundaries Journal,” empowering you to establish and communicate your needs while nurturing meaningful connections.

Overcome the grip of negative self-talk using the powerful strategies outlined in the “Overcoming Negative Self Talk Worksheet,” enabling you to reframe your inner dialogue and cultivate a more positive mindset.

Prioritize self-care with the “Self Care Planner,” offering guidance in creating a personalized self-care routine that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. (this is my favorite, it’s amazing!) 

Navigate anxiety and stress with ease using the “Breathe Easy – The Anxiety Reducing Self-Care Guide For Mum’s,” packed over 50 practical self-care activites.

Uplift yourself with the “Self Care Affirmation Card Pack,” a collection of affirmations that remind you of your worth and the importance of self-care in your daily life.

Embark on a transformative 31-day journey of wellness with our “31 Day Wellness Challenge,” featuring daily prompts and activities to enhance your overall well-being.

Gain clarity on your emotions with the “Feelings List,” helping you identify and understand your feelings, promoting emotional awareness and self-reflection.

Empower yourself with the “I Am Statements Worksheet,” a powerful tool to affirm your positive qualities and embrace your inner strength and resilience.

These extensive worksheets and journals are invaluable resources on your path to self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the opportunity to dive deep within yourself, uncover your true potential, and create a life filled with self-love, purpose, and well-being.

You’re in the right place if…

You find yourself saying “yes” when really, internally, you are screaming “no”. 

In feeling like you’re not as capable as people think you are, that consistent feeling you’re an imposter and everyone’s only one mistake away from realising it too.

In always worrying about what other people think of you and making decisions based on this. 

Or worse, not being able to make decisions at all. And then second guessing the ones you do make.

About Me. And Why I’m Here To Change Your Life. 

As an experienced and registered counsellor, I’ve worked with hundreds of women, mainly women with anxiety. Every single one I’ve seen was doing the wrong things to stop it, and they didn’t understand what anxiety really was until I explained it to them. I’m able to settle women’s anxiety and help them build a resilient core. In fact, 75% of my clients in 2022 rated their sessions as ‘extremely helpful’, and the remaining 25% rated their sessions as ‘very helpful’.

I’m Amanda Westphal, and I’ve spent time working on myself so that I can pass that knowledge on to you. I’ve created this brilliant course to enable you to address your anxiety and create your self-worth. With my expertise, you can navigate relationships and life transitions, find freedom from anxiety and self-doubt, and uncover your own blend of confidence. Let me help you put on your own oxygen mask first, so you can thrive and help others.

You’re here, on this page, because you know deep down that you need to make a change.

You’ve read to the end because you’re waiting for a sign that you shouldn’t tackle it yet.

Sorry. But you should tackle it. Sooner rather than later.